spraWIEN meets EL

The spraWIEN organization team and Emerging Linguists are currently planning the spraWIEN conference for 2024: An interdisciplinary student conference for linguistics and related disciplines by and for students, graduates, and interested parties of the University of Vienna.

The aim of the conference is to connect students at the University of Vienna from different disciplines and at different points in their studies with a connection to linguistic topics, to get to know colleagues from different departments and their interests, to practice presenting, and of course to have fun together.

We are organizing this conference because there are many students at the University of Vienna who are interested in linguistics, but who hardly know each other beyond the boundaries of their discipline. The aim of spraWIEN is therefore to bring together contributions on language and linguistics from a wide range of disciplines and thus lead to stronger networking among students.

If you would like to take part in the conference you can write to us at sprawien@emerginglinguists.org.

You can find more information at www.sprawien.at