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Emerging Linguists primarily serves to connect students, graduates, and individuals interested in linguistics and related disciplines.

In addition to networking, we have the following planned for our members:

  • A conference for students.
  • Participation in conferences such as the ÖLT.
  • Funding opportunities for students to attend conferences.
  • Scholarships for students to support their thesis work.
  • Science for Public. 
  • Blogs & Podcasts.
  • Our own journal.

Of course, we also welcome the ideas of our members.

To become a member of EMERGING LINGUISTS , please fill out the form below. After registration, you will receive an email from us with further details.

There are different membership fees:

  • Regular Membership: €20/year.
  • Students*: €10/year.
  • Lifetime Membership: €100.

Student representatives can also purchase bundles. For this, they buy a lifetime membership and, in return, receive a promo code that allows their students to become members for €5/year.