This is the official website of the Association of Emerging Linguists (EL for short)

Association of Emerging Linguists
Alser Straße 30/2/38
1090 Wien

Purpose of the association: The purpose of the association is to network young linguists and related disciplines in Austria and beyond. In this way, the exchange between young scientists should be promoted and scientific innovation and knowledge should be achieved. The association also offers a platform for networking linguistics beyond the boundaries of academia.
The activities of the association are not for profit.

Graphic design: Sarah Dvorak

ZVR number: 1535110006
Website: https://www.emerginglinguists.org
General e-mail address: info@emerginglinguists.org
Chairing: vorstehen@emerginglinguists.org
Writing: schreiben@emerginglinguists.org
Cashiering: kassieren@emerginglinguists.org