Here we will inform you about past and future events that have been and will be planned, carried out, organized or hosted by members of Emerging Linguists.

Since September 2023

Together with the Institute of Linguistics of the University of Vienna, Susanne Reiterer, and the StV Sprachwissenschaft of the University of Vienna, we are organizing a PS on the topic of Phonaesthetics - an interdisciplinary perspective. You can find the program here: https://emerginglinguists.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/GuestLectureSeries_Phonaesthetik.pdf

December 2023

Laura Levstock published the following article in Empirische Unterrichtsforschung in DaFZ (2023): Ethnografie und Interaktionale Diskursanalyse: Ein Vorschlag für einen holistischen Zugang zu Feld und Analyse.
You can find the article online here: https://doi.org/10.14220/9783737015578.119

Lisza-Sophie Neumeier published the following article in the anthology #YouthMediaLife & Friends (2023): Twitter for academic purposes: An analysis of scholarly communication through conference tweets.
You can find the article online here: https://www.vandenhoeck-ruprecht-verlage.com/themen-entdecken/literatur-sprach-und-kulturwissenschaften/interdisziplinaere-geisteswissenschaft/58650/youthmedialife-friends?c=1747#

We held a workshop at the 47th Austrian Linguistics Conference in Graz. More information here: https://emerginglinguists.org/en/oelt/

October 2023

On the 28th of October 2023, we were at the 74. StuTS in Vienna and held a hang-out session.

August 2023

Vinicio Ntouvlis published the following article innew media & society (2023): “Ironic memes” and digital literacies: Exploring identity through multimodal texts.
You can find the article online here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/14614448231189801

March 2023

In collaboration with the Institute of Linguistics at the University of Vienna and the Student Union of Linguistics at the University of Vienna, we organized a student conference on the topic of the climate crisis and climate activism. Klimakrise und Klimaaktivismus geplant und organisiert.

Laura Levstock published the following article inWiener Linguistische Gazette 94 (2023): Antisemitische Topoi im digitalen Aktivismus: Der Israel-Palästina-Konflikt auf Instagram.
You can find the article online here: https://wlg.univie.ac.at/fileadmin/user_upload/p_wlg/942023/Levstock_AntisemitischeTopoi.pdf

Feber 2023

On the 8th of February 2023, René Foidl gave the following presentation “Sprache in kolonialen Kontexten: Eine qualitative Analyse kolonialer Einflüsse auf das (sprachliche) Leben der Wounaan in Bogotá” together with Diversität in der Linguistik.

April 2022

Formal founding of the association Emerging Linguists.

November 2021

The team, which founded Emerging Linguists, held the 70th StuTS in Vienna, which was the first to be held hybrid and the second StuTS to take place in Vienna.

7000 years ago: Emerging linguists build a tower in Babel.

50,000 years ago: Emerging linguists rejects monolingual language attitudes and the proto-world language

60,000 - 100,000 years ago: Spilling the tea at the first brunch

100,000 - 200,000 years ago: Emerging linguists creates the first IPA chart

2.8 million years ago: First coming out as a homo

65 million years ago: On spring break in the Yucatan

479,999,999 years ago: Return to the sea

480 million years ago: First landfall with our friends

About 3.5 billion years ago: Cyanobacterization of the oceans

4.5682 billion years ago: Gravitational collapse with the good old sun

13.4 billion years ago: Hangig out with the stars

13.8 billion years ago: Abandonment of the singularity