48. ÖLT – EL meets Wiener Sprachgesellschaft

Title: EL meets WSG Workshop: Selected topics in General Linguistics
Where: Österreichische Linguistiktagung 17. – 19.12.2024, Innsbruck

The Vienna Linguistic Society and the Association of Emerging Linguists invite general linguists with all their various experiences and qualifications to participate in the EL meets WSG Workshop: Selected Topics in General Linguistics at the 48th Austrian Linguistics Conference.

The Association of Emerging Linguists (EL) is a network of students, graduates, and those interested in linguistics and related disciplines, where mutual support and collective growth are the focus.

The Vienna Linguistic Society is a private association dedicated to promoting the scientific examination of language phenomena in all its forms. Its activities are non-profit. Founded in 1947, it has since developed into a well-established and internationally recognized institution in the academic field.

In our joint workshop, we want to combine a retrospective with a prospective view on the diversity of linguistic research in Austria. The goal is to demonstrate how the collaboration between our associations can bear fruit and foster young talent on an equal footing.

The EL meets WSG Workshop: Selected Topics in General Linguistics is planned to span a whole day in four thematic blocks covering various aspects of general linguistics. Each block will include a brief introduction to the theme, two presentations, and a joint discussion. The discussions will involve both the audience and the two presenters. Each presentation will be given by one senior researcher and one young researcher. Therefore, eight presentations can be accepted. The aim of this concept is to integrate existing knowledge with new perspectives on specific topics and to network established and emerging researchers.

The workshop will be jointly led by the executive teams of the Association of Emerging Linguists and the Vienna Linguistic Society.